AI Image Variations

Generate multiple variations from a single image using stable diffusion. Simply enter the image below.



One Image, Endless Variations.


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What is IV?

Image Variations (IV) is a free tool used to create different variations of an image. The tool works by using a stable diffusion model to replicate the entered images. Unlike a normal text to image model, this version takes in an image as an input and adds noise to produce variations that match the style of the original image.

Are the images copyright free?

IV does not claim any copyright over the created images. However, if the users' inputted image is copyrighted then the resulting images may also be copyrighted (With ownership to the creator of the original image). IV does not take any responsibility for the user's copyright infringement. It is up to the user to ensure that the inputted image is copyright free.

Is IV free?

Yes, IV is completely free to use and does not require any login. We believe in embracing AI technology to advance creations and want to make it open to all users.

What is the TOS?

This tool is licensed under the MIT license.

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